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January 28, 2010

I want to thank the many brides, grooms and mothers that stopped by our table at the Wedding Festival in Asheville.   It was a delight to meet many of you and to see the happiness that surrounds such an event although it did make my heart slightly arythmic when one young lady told me  she was using a ’57 Chevy.   I hope this is not a trend. 

Of course there is always that one standout groom.   When guests entered the auditorium, they were given an identifying sticker to wear.  There were bride stickers, and groom stickers, and mother of the bride stickers, bridesmaids stickers and so on.  It was late in the day and I had ceased to have feet when I looked up to see a smiling young couple coming my way.  When I looked at the young man, there was his sticker dutifully attached.  It read, “Mother of the Bride.”  I can just imagine how eventful that married life is going to be.



January 13, 2010

a moment of prayer for Haiti.

The Bride’s Pick

January 13, 2010

I hope we can keep John’s feet on the ground.  He informed me recently–and surely I should have known this–that Elite Limousine was awarded The Bride’s Book Reader’s Choice Award in the transportation category for Asheville.  What makes this award so special is that the brides actually choose the recipients.   This is the third year that Elite has been so honored.  

Now, I’ll tell you what would be absolutely delicious.  If one of these ol’ days, The Trolley Company beat out Elite for that top spot.  Don’t tell John, but that’s my goal.


January 13, 2010

We aren’t the only ones shivering.  So are our trolleys.  There we were, hours away from the first wedding show in Forest City and The Duchess’ air lines refused to gain pressure.   I knew it was not a good sign when the phone rang at 11 pm.  My daughter yells up the stairs, “It’s John and he says The Duchess won’t start.”   I just turned back over.  There is something about 15 degree weather that sends our southern species into hibernation and trolleys into temperature tandrums.

Chicky Babe

January 2, 2010

Those who read the last post should not be surprised at the humor.  Anyone who lived through last year had to own a sense of humor to have survived that economic tsunami known as 2009.  However, this is a New Year with all it’s anticipated hope.  Let’s give it our best shot.

Now, back to the wedding festival.  I love companies, writers, and anyone  who knows how to get their point across without a dour finger wagging.  I just have to share with you some of my favorites from the “28 Sure-Fire Ways to Fail at a Bridal Show.”

2.   Treat the show like you are on vacation.
5.   Staff Reunion.
9.   Read the newspaper.
12. Bring your kids.
13. Wing your display at the booth.
22. Remember, the more stuff at your booth, the better.
26. If you are a D.J., be sure to play your music real loud.  If the brides leave the booth and their ears are not bleeding, you did it all wrong.

and 28.  Greet every bride by using the phrase girlie, chicky or baby.  They love it!

Oh, yeh, sure.

Boysenberry Bows

January 2, 2010

Well, I guess we will just have to put on our silver hubcaps and boysenberry bows.  What else can we wear considering that the Duchess is painted green and the theme of the upcoming bridal show is anything but?  Take a look:

“Asheville-“Metropolitan”Color: Boysenberry/ Silver Texture: Glass / Metal / Water / Orchids / SatinTall square glass towers filled with water and orchids simulating sky scrapers. White lounge benches for the wedding instead of chairs, silver satin overlays and lots of square shapes including the tables and chandeliers.”

Now, nobody should misinterpret this as poking fun at Marc and Colleen of Wedding Festivals.  Quite honestly, I appreciate the professional way that they approach their events.  Every “i” is doted and every “T” is crossed.  But as you can see, a bridal show presents some special challenges for a trolley company.  I mean suppose their “metropolitan” clashes with our “art deco?”  And when that vehicle moves any sky scraper exhibit inside is making way for urban renewal. 

 I’m just glad dark forest green goes with boysenberry.