I want to thank the many brides, grooms and mothers that stopped by our table at the Wedding Festival in Asheville.   It was a delight to meet many of you and to see the happiness that surrounds such an event although it did make my heart slightly arythmic when one young lady told me  she was using a ’57 Chevy.   I hope this is not a trend. 

Of course there is always that one standout groom.   When guests entered the auditorium, they were given an identifying sticker to wear.  There were bride stickers, and groom stickers, and mother of the bride stickers, bridesmaids stickers and so on.  It was late in the day and I had ceased to have feet when I looked up to see a smiling young couple coming my way.  When I looked at the young man, there was his sticker dutifully attached.  It read, “Mother of the Bride.”  I can just imagine how eventful that married life is going to be.


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