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When all else fails…

June 28, 2010

…keep going.  Two weeks ago was one of those weeks in the trolley business you just want to forget.  If anything could go wrong,  it did.   The only solution?  Dust yourself off and keep going.   Go over the failures and made the corrections.

Last weekend went smoothly probably because God knew I couldn’t take anymore.   Perhaps a Type A is not a good match for never-to-be repeated special events.  Perhaps I’m not cut out for a business where things do occasionally go wrong.    I was certainly grateful for that beautiful red haired bride last week who stopped by our office to tell us what a wonderful time she had trolleying to her bridesmaid’s luncheon.

Looking to a brighter future, the trolley will be going to the Asheville Tourist game July 8th.  What have I learned about planning this event?  Never buy advertising for a summer sport in March.  Have you noticed I’m on a learning curve?  In these mountains, people are not going to pay to sit in the stands during blackberry winter.

However, I have to tell you that I had a blast at the game I attended, cold weather or no.   Maybe the serious athletes on the field aren’t too happy about the Macarena and other frivolities going on in the stands, but we are!  It was total fun.  And you know, those Tourists play pretty good.

Winning isn’t everything, but dusting yourself off is.