Christmas is a theological day, like it or not.   It seems perfectly reasonable to expect that a religious  idea would pop into one’s head on that day.

I stood on the  back porch watching the perfectly beautiful flakes float to earth. The 2 inches of snow we expected were turning into 6 and 8 inch drifts. The trees were becoming  a painters canvass.   As those confections drifted earthward, it occurred to me:  Our Creator lets it snow on everyone.  Every child can play on the hills whether in radio flyers or sheets of cardboard.   When the birds sing, they sing for everyone.  When it rains, everyone’s garden is watered.

Would that be the case with us?  I imagine a mogul who builds snow domes where falling snow is limited to paying customers.  Or an aviary divided between general admission to chickens and box seats to cokateels.  Water wars only validate my lack of confidence.

Sometimes, though, there is that person who glows our Godly goodness that is within.  Do you know the most frequently asked question on our Christmas season trolley rides through downtown Hendersonville?  “How much is it?”  We are so programmed to expect nothing without a price.  They seemed amazed at the answer, “It’s free.  Patty at Mike’s on Main is paying for it.”

And she paid for it for everyone.


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