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The Prize

March 6, 2011

Dear Reader,

Perhaps you don’t obsess about these things, but I do.  Should I reveal some braggard tendency and put that lovely prize at the top of this post or should I humbly demure to the ending?  Let’s err on the side of pride.

What is it?  It is the 2011 Bride’s Book Reader’s  Choice Award.   As they explain, “ The annual Readers Choice Award is an annual award recognizing local businesses that offer superior customer service and excellent quality as defined by local brides. Each year “The Bride’s Book” magazine and both based in Chapel Hill, NC ask their readers to nominate their preferred wedding vendors.”

Now I know that there are  cynics among you that might say a North Carolina based company defers to North Carolina businesses.  Not so.  They continue, “This year more than 5000 brides nominated businesses throughout the Carolinas via mail-in forms, faxed forms, phone calls and general email messages. The votes were hand tallied and sorted by region.The nominations are solicited in each issue of The Bride’s Book magazine, on the website and thru quarterly email newsletters to the magazine’s subscription base.”

Of course we are proud and thrilled to be named the best wedding transportation in the region.  We thank our brides deeply.  However, we’re not breaking out the champagne.   That’s what we do in December.    Right now it’s “Pass the Windex.  Pass the wrench.”