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November 17, 2010

Men can be so aggravating.

We are in the thick of planning for the Hendersonville Holiday Tree Lighting on Friday, November 26th.  A perfect angel of a business owner, Patty of Mikes on Main is sponsoring the trolley for three Fridays.  Why?  For no other reason in the world except she loves trolleys and loves her Main Street.  Amazing in a world so often defined by self interest.

I called John to tell him we were coming out this morning to look at Cinderella, take  measurements and discuss the decorations.  First words?  “Don’t put any tape on that trolley.  I don’t want anything to stick to that paint.”  Take a deep breath.

First of all, here is a little secret–I am 58 years old.  By this time in life you know what sticks and what doesn’t…in more ways than one.  Zen? Counting to ten is helpful.  Reflecting on the fact that the cutest trolley in the southeast is John’s pride and joy is also helpful.  So, instead of tape, I’ve decided to use glue!